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All About Latest Voltas Air Conditioners in India

Summer Season is very hot in India thus Air Conditioners are one of the essential Home Appliances here. Air Conditioners not only offer you a cold environment but these also make the surroundings neat & clean. If you go in market then you will find a large number of AC brand available there but if you are willing to but best AC at best Price then you should buy a new Voltas AC. Voltas AC Reviews itself confirms that Voltas is one of the most reliable Air Conditioner Brands available in the market. Not only the AC quality but Voltas AC Service is also very impressive. More about “Voltas” & “Voltas ACs” is detailed below.

About “Voltas Limited”:

Voltas Limited is an Indian Multinational Company. One of the best Indian Companies in India, the “Tata Group” is the parent firm of Voltas Limited. Voltas Limited was founded in 1954 and it has it’s headquarter in Voltas House, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Voltas Limited offers an amazing collection of several products across various categories such as Home Appliances, Construction Equipment, Engineering, Materials Handling, Heating Products, Water & Building Management Systems, Ventilation Products, Indoor Air Quality, Air Conditioning, Chemicals, Refrigeration, Textile, HVAC and Mining.

Various Voltas Air Conditioners Available in the Market:

The amazing collation of various Voltas Air Conditioners available in the market has various products such as Voltas Inverter AC, Voltas All Weather Smart AC (with Wi-Fi), Voltas Split AC, Voltas Window AC, Voltas Cassette AC, Voltas Slimline AC, Voltas 1 Star AC, Voltas 2 Star AC, Voltas 3 Star AC, Voltas 4 Star AC, Voltas 5 Star AC, Voltas 1 Ton AC, Voltas 1.5 Ton AC, Voltas 2 Ton AC etc in it and all these are available in several different-different configurations according to various aspects such as Color, Features etc.

Voltas Air Conditioner Price List:

The price list of the most popular Voltas ACs is Venture Slimline AC at Rs 61000, Venture Cassette AC at Rs 52000, Voltas All Weather Smart AC (Jade W Y Series at Rs 42990, Spirit W Y Series at Rs 42990), Voltas Windows AC (Ye Series Premium - 2 Star at Rs 19990, Ye Series Luxury - 2 Star at Rs 20190, Ye Series Classic - 2 Star at Rs 25490, Yi Series Classic - 2 Star at Rs 25490, Y Series Hot & Cold at Rs 29990, Ya Series Zenith - 5 Star at Rs 32190), Voltas Inverter AC (Y Series Executive 3 Star at Rs 45490, Y Series Sprint 3 Star at Rs 55990, Y-R Series Iris 3 Star at Rs 59990, AW Series Crown 5 Star at Rs 65990) and Voltas Split AC (Ya Series Classic - 2 Star at Rs 29290, Ya-R Series Zenith - 3 Star at Rs 35790, Y-R Series Sprint - 3 Star at Rs 40990, Y Seris Iris - 5 Star at Rs 45990, Ye Series Zenith - 5 Star at Rs 49990, Ya Series Zenith - 3 Star at Rs 55090, Y Series Delux - 5 Star at Rs 57190) etc.