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All About Latest Samsung Refrigerators in India

Willing to buy a perfect Refrigerator to keep your food items Healthy and Fresh? Read the following text to know about the best available Refrigerators and then buy the perfect one according to your need, choice and budget with ease. Just like any other Home Appliances, there are numerous Refrigerator Brands available in the market but when it’s about the best then the name “Samsung” comes into the mind. All the details about the brand name “Samsung” and the products “Samsung Refrigerators” are detailed in the following sections.

About the “Samsung Group”:

The South Korean Multinational Conglomerate Group Corporation has various affiliated businesses under the brand name Samsung. The firm was initially founded as a Trading Company by Lee Byung-chul in 1938. After Lee Byung-chul's death in 1987, The Firm got parted into Four Business Groups that are CJ Group, Hansol Group, Samsung Group and Shinsegae Group. Samsung has it’s headquarter at 40th floor Samsung Electronics Building, 11, Seocho-daero 74-Gil, Seocho District, Seoul, South Korea. Samsung offers a variety of Products in like Samsung LED TV, Samsung Washing Machine, Samsung AC, Apparel, Chemicals, Construction, DRAM, Entertainment, Financial Services, Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics, Hospitality, IT, Medical equipment, Retail, Semiconductors, SSD (Solid State Drives), Ships, Telecommunications etc.

Various Samsung Refrigerators Available in the Market:

Samsung offers a vast range of several amazing Refrigerators such as Samsung Bottom Freezer Refrigerators, Samsung Convertible Refrigerators, Samsung Double Door Refrigerators, Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerators, Samsung French Door Refrigerators, Samsung Side by Side Door Refrigerators, Samsung Single Door Refrigerators, Samsung Smart Digital Inverter Refrigerators, Samsung Top Freezer Refrigerators etc. All these Refrigerators are available in various Body Colors, Capacity Size (in Liters), Features (Auto Ice Maker, Metal Cooling Panel, Triple Cooling, Twin Cooling, Twin Cooling Plus, Water Dispenser, Wine Rack etc), Star Rating (1-5) so that you can easily find the best product of your need.

Samsung Refrigerator Price List:

Some of the most popular Samsung Refrigerators along with their price are as follows RR19J20A3SE 192 Lt. Single Door (Rs 10999), RR20M172ZD2 192 Lt. Single Door (Rs 15058), RR22K287Z 212 Lt. Single Door (Rs 20000), RT28K3023SE 253 Lt. Double Door (Rs 25450), RT34M3723S8 321 Lt. Double Door (Rs 30048), RT34K3953S9 321 Lt. Double Door (Rs 35050), RT39M5538S8 394 Lt. Double Door (Rs 40512), RT42M5538S8 415 Lt. Double Door (Rs 45003), RT42HDAGESL/TL 415 Lt. Double Door (Rs 50750), RS554NRUA1J 580 Lt. Side-by-Side (Rs 85560), RS55K50107S 604 Lt. Side-by-Side (Rs 90100), RF50K5910DP 594 Lt. French Door (Rs 109440), RF56K9040DP 564 Lt. French Door (Rs 191000) etc.