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All About Latest LG Air Conditioners in India

Since from its incorporation, LG is making the customer’s “Life’s Good”. There are several types of LG Consumer Electronics Products and LG Home Appliances are available in the market. LG Air Conditioner is one of the most popular as well as useful LG products available in the market. If you are willing to buy a new Air Conditioner then you should go through the text below as well as you should also check for LG Air Conditioner Reviews so that you can see that the best available Air Conditioners in the market comes from the well known and reliable brand “LG”. More facts about LG and it’s Air Conditioners are given in the following sections.

About “LG Electronics Inc.” :

LG Electronics Inc. (originally Lucky Goldstar) is a part of LG Corporation. LG Electronics Inc. is a South Korean Multinational Company that is headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, South Korea. The company was founded by Koo In-hwoi in 1958 with the name “Goldstar”. After a long time, in 1995 the firm was renamed as “LG Electronics” and afterwards it was reincorporated in 2002. LG basically has four business units that are Home Appliances & Air Solutions, Home Entertainment Products, Mobile Communication Products and Vehicle Components. LG has won many awards and it is one of the most reliable brands across all over the globe for LG Washing Machine, LG Refrigerator, LG LED TV and lots more.

Various LG Air Conditioners Available in the Market :

LG’s vast collection of high quality air conditioners include various LG products such as LG Inverter AC (Dual Inverter, Smart Inverter), LG 1 Star AC, LG 2 Star AC, LG 3 Star AC, LG 4 Star AC, LG 5 Star AC, LG Spilt AC, LG 1 Ton AC, LG 1.5 Ton AC, LG 2 Ton AC, LG Windows AC, LG Smart Technology AC, LG Mosquito Away Technology AC, LG Dual Cool Technology AC and many more high quality Air Conditioners like these. If you buy any of these ACs then, be assured that it will definitely keep your Home or Office Place cool and fresh.

LG Air Conditioner Price List :

·         LG Windows AC : L-Gratis Plus 2 Star LWA3GP2A at Rs 24790, L-Gratis White 5 Star LWA3GW5A at Rs 30440, L-Crescent Plus 3 Star LWA5CP3A at Rs 30640, L-Gratis White 3 Star LWA5GW3A at Rs 30640, L-Crescent Plus 5 Star LWA5CP5A at Rs 35140, L-Crescent Plus 5 Star LWA5CS5A at Rs 35140 and L-Crescent Terminator 5 Star LWA5CT5A with Mosquito Away at Rs 37140.

·         LG Split AC : JS-Q12APXD at Rs 37090, JS-Q12CPXD at Rs 40090, JS-Q12MPXD at Rs 40090, JS-Q12VPXD at Rs 40090, JS-Q12BTXD at Rs 40090, JS-Q12NUXA at Rs 40590, JS-Q18CPXD at Rs 45790, BSA12BEYD at Rs 45990, JS-Q24APXD at Rs 55290, BSA24BEYD at Rs 66990, BSA24MAYD at Rs 69990, BS-12APZE at Rs 90990 and BS-18APZE at Rs 100990.