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All About Latest IFB Washing Machines in India

Every Home gets completed with Furniture and Home Appliances. There are various types of Home Appliances available in the market which makes our lives easy and comfortable. Washing Machine is one of the most useful as well as popular home appliances. There are various Washing Machine brands available in the market but in today’s time, the most popular brand name in the Home Appliances field is “IFB”. To know more about “IFB” and “IFB Washing Machines”, you should go through the text below.

About “IFB Home Appliances”:

IFB Home Appliances is a part of IFB Industries Ltd. And it was originally known as “Indian Fine Blanks Ltd”. The Firm started to work in India in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG (Switzerland) in 1974 but the Home Appliances Unit was started in 1990-91. The firm has its manufacturing unit in Goa, India while more than 250 “IFB Points” (Retails Outlets of IFB Products) are available in various cities. IFB offers a wide range of products from several categories such as Accessories, Additives, Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances, Industrial Solutions, Kitchen, Laundry, Living Solutions, Personal Grooming Products etc.

The Range of IFB Washing Machines:

The online store houses various types of IFB Washing Machines available at the best price if compared with any other Online or Offline Store. The wide range of IFB Washing Machines available at the online store includes products such as IFB Automatic Washing Machine, IFB Top Loading Washing Machines, IFB Fully Automatic Washing Machine, IFB Front Loading Washing Machines, IFB Semi Automatic Washing Machine, IFB Smart Washing Machines, IFB Washing Machine IFB Smart Load Washing Machines, Fully Automatic Front and Top Loading, IFB TWIN Load Washing Machines, IFB Laundry Dryer, IFB Washer Dryer and many more amazing products like these. All these washing machines are available in various different-different Washing Capacities, Colors, Features and Price Range so that you can easily find a product of your need and budget.

Price List of IFB Washing Machines:

IFB Front Load Washing Machine Price starts from Rs 22,550 while IFB Washing Machine Top Loading Models Price List in India starts from Rs 18,610. Starting price of IFB Smart Load Washing Machines is Rs 44,082. IFB Washing Machine Review and Price List are available here. The price list has various products such as TL 75RCH, Eva VX, Elena VX, TL 85SCH, TL 75SDR, TL 80SDG, TL 95SDG, Serena VX, Senorita Smart, Elite SX, Senator SX etc in it.