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There are several types of Small and Major Home Appliances available in the market but Refrigerators are one of the most essential appliances among all of them. Just like the wide range of Home Appliances, there are numerous Home Appliances Brands available in the market but Haier is one of the best Brands among all of them. All the details about all amazing things related with “Haier” Brand and “Haier Refrigerators” are described in the following sections.

The Haier Group Corporation:

The Chinese Collective Multinational works in the Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Field. The firm was initially founded as Qingdao Refrigerator Co. in 1984. The Haier Group Corporation has it’s headquarter in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. Haier offers a variety of products in various categories such as Commercial Heating & Cooling Systems, Computers, Consumer Electronics, Major Appliances, Mobile Phones and Small Appliances. Fisher & Paykel, GE Consumer & Industrial, Haier Electronics Group, Hotpoint America and Qingdao Haier are the Subsidiaries of Haier.

Various Haier Refrigerators Available in the Market:

Haier offers a wide collection of various Refrigerators such as Haier Bottom Mounted Refrigerators, Haier Direct Cool Refrigerators, Haier Double Door Refrigerators, Haier French Door Refrigerators, Haier Mini Bar, Haier Multi Door Refrigerators, Haier Side By Side Refrigerators, Haier Single Door (Basic) Refrigerators, Haier Top Mount (Standard) Refrigerators etc. All these Refrigerators are available in various options according to BEE or Star Rating, Body Color, Body Material, Capacity, Child Locks, Cooling Technology, Deodorizer Technology, Inverter Technology, Power Cut Technology, Water Dispenser etc so that you can easily get a product of your need, choice and budget.

Haier Refrigerator Price List:

Haier offers all these high quality Refrigerators at affordable cost and the price list of some popular Haier Refrigerators is as follows :- Haier HR-62HP 52 Lt. Mini Fridge Refrigerator (at Rs 6950), Haier HRD-1703SR-R 170 Lt. Single Door Refrigerator (at Rs 10290), Haier HRD-1954PRL-R 195 Lt. Single Door Refrigerator (at Rs 15199), Haier HRF-2673BS 247 Lt. Double Door Refrigerator (at Rs 20500), Haier HRF-3554BS 335 Lt. Double Door Refrigerator (at Rs 26499), Haier HRB-3404PSS-R 320 Lt. Double Door Refrigerator (at Rs 30199), Haier HRB-3654PSS-R 345 Lt. Double Door Refrigerator (at Rs 36000), Haier HRB-3654PKG-R 345 Lt. Double Door Refrigerator (at Rs 43500), Haier HRB-475SS 450 Lt. Double Door Refrigerator (at Rs 49880), Haier HRF-618SS 565 Lt. Side by Side Refrigerator (at Rs 52999), Haier R-SG38FPND 404 Lt. Triple Door Refrigerator (at Rs 69500) etc.