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All About Latest Godrej Washing Machines in India

Everyone knows that washing of clothes is not a simple task as dirty clothes can’t be easily washed by hands but when you have a perfect Washing Machine as your washing partner then you can wash all kinds of clothes with ease. There are various types of Home Appliances available in the market and each of them is useful in its own way but when we think about the most useful appliance then Godrej Washing Machine is one of the most usable home appliances. More about Godrej Washing Machines is described in the following sections.

About “Godrej Group”:

The Godrej Group is an Indian Firm that has it’s headquarter in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The Godrej Appliances brand name is owned by the Godrej Family. Godrej was founded by Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej in 1897 and since then it's one of the best Indian Firm in Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics Area. Godrej offers a vast collection of high quality products in various categories such as Aerospace, Agriculture, Chemicals, Construction, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Furniture, Home Appliances, Information Technology (IT), Real Estate, Security Solutions etc.

Various Types of Godrej Washing Machines Available at the Online Store:

Various types of Washing Machines which the firm offers in the market are like Godrej Automatic Washing Machine, Godrej Front Loading Washing Machine, Godrej Fully Automatic Washing Machine, Godrej Semi Automatic Washing Machine, Godrej Smart Inverter Technology Washing Machines, Godrej Smart Washing Machines, Godrej Portable Washing Machines, Godrej Top Load Washing Machine, Godrej TWIN Load Washing Machines, Godrej Washer Dryers etc. All these Washing Machines are available in various configurations so you should watch as well as check all the features before buying any of these high quality products.

Godrej Washing Machine Price List:

The Combinational list of Godrej Front Loading Washing Machine Price List, Godrej Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price List, Godrej Semi Automatic Washing Machine Price List and Godrej Washing Machine Fully Automatic Price List in India is as follows :-  GWS 6203 PPD, GWS 6204 PPD, GWS 6502 PPC, GWF 650 FDH, WT Eon 701 PFH 7Kg, WT Eon 650 PFH, WT Eon 651 PFD, WT Eon 650 PFD, WT 650 CF, WT Eon 700 PFD, WT Eon 700 PF, WT Eon 650 PFHU, WI Eon 550 SD etc.