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All About Latest Bosch Refrigerators in India

There are several types of Home Appliances as well as Home Appliances brands available in the market but when it’s about the best product from the best brand then a new Refrigerator from “Bosch” is the best choice. Bosch offers the widest collection of products in several categories. Bosch offers this amazing range of products across all over the globe. More information about the Brand Name “Bosch” and the Products “Bosch Refrigerators” are described in the following sections.

About The Brand “Robert Bosch GmbH” (Normally Bosch):

Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) is a German Multinational Company that deals in Engineering and Electronics Products (Manufacture & Sell). Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) has its Headquarter in Gerlingen, Stuttgart, Germany. Robert Bosch Stiftung has the largest (92%) share in Bosch Company. Robert Bosch GmbH (Bosch) was founded in 1886 by Robert Bosch. Bosch offers a vast collection of products in various Categories such as Automotive Parts, Building Products, Electronics Products, Engineering Products, Home Appliance, Motorized Bicycle Motors, Packaging Technology, Power Tools, Security Systems and Thermo-technology Products. More details about Bosch Refrigerators are described in the next sections.

Various Bosch Refrigerators Available in the Market:

As told above, Bosch offers a vast collection of various amazing Refrigerators such as Bosch Double Door Refrigerator, Bosch Free Standing Bottom Freezer Refrigerator, Bosch Free Standing Top Freezer Refrigerator, Bosch Multi-door Refrigerator, Bosch Side By Side Door Refrigerator, Bosch Singe Door Refrigerator, Bosch 1 Star Refrigerator, Bosch 2 Star Refrigerator, Bosch 3 Star Refrigerator, Bosch 4 Star Refrigerator, Bosch 5 Star Refrigerator etc. All these products have various amazing features such as Child Lock, Cooling Technology (Direct Cool and Frost Free), Deodorizer Technology, Energy Rating (1-5), Inverter Compressor, Power Cut Technology, Water Dispenser and many more.

Bosch Refrigerator Price List in India:

KDN30VS20I 288 Lt. Double Door (Rs 23499), KDN30VR30I 288 Lt. Double Door (Rs 33390), KGN30VW20G 250 Lt. Double Door (Rs 34350), KDN43VS20I 347 Lt. Double Door (Rs 34999), KDN30VS30I 288 Lt. Double Door (Rs 37999), KDN43VS30I 347 Lt. Double Door (Rs 45999), KDN46AI50I 401 Lt. Double Door (Rs 49700), KDN46XI30I 401 Lt. Double Door (Rs 54999), KDN53XI30I 454 Lt. Double Door (Rs 57499), KDN53AL50I 450 Lt. Double Door (Rs 58499), KDN56XI30I 507 Lt. Double Door (Rs 64999), KGN57AI40I 505 Lt. Double Door (Rs 69499), KAN56V40NE 618 Lt. Side by Side (Rs 73499), KAN92VI35I 659 Lt. Side by Side (Rs 90499), KAN92LB35 592 Lt. Double Door (Rs 129999), KAD92SB30 639 Lt. Side by Side (Rs 199999) etc.